Nissan GTR

This was one of the Nissan GTRs we had the opportunity to work on. This car came to us with no previous modifications, so it was a blank canvas for us to start from. We decided to go with a full turbo back exhaust system, cobb intakes and 1000cc injectors from injector Dynamics. I couldn’t wait for the valvetronic exhaust to arrive from Armytrix. We went this route so the exhaust system could be open for maximum flow or closed to be quiet when not wanting to attract attention. Once we finished installing all of the parts on the Nissan GTR we decided to go with a Passport 9500ci S pro for some added protection when this Nissan GTR is out on the road. This was the first stage and the car is still very street able and fun to drive.

Nissan GTRNissan GTR Nissan GTR


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