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Cars Customs has a long, deep rooted history in the car audio industry. We have been building mobile entertainment systems since the 1980′s and our master installers have more than 100 years combined experience. Our clients demand the best, and we carry only the finest and most advanced components available. Whether you are a die hard audiophile or are looking to keep your kids entertained in the back seat,Cars Customs will build you the mobile entertainment system you have always wanted.

Brands we carry

Alpine | Audison | Kenwood | HERTZ Audio | McIntosh | Mid City Engineering | Morel | Vizualogic

MP3/Mobile Electronics/OEM Integration

Today’s OEM (original equipment manufacturer) head units are more advanced then ever, some controlling almost all of your vehicles essential functions. Having the ability to integrate aftermarket components and devices such as audio equipment, MP3 players, cell phones, DVD players, gaming systems, satellite radio or exterior cameras to your OEM head unit is essential. Whether it be an iPhone or iPad to a Playstation, the experienced staff atCars Customs can flawlessly integrate your favorite and most used electronics to your factory system.

Watch below to see howCars Customs seamlessly integrated an iPad 2.

Brands we carry

Nav TV | Vais Technology | Mid City Engineering | PAC | Mobridge

Radar and Laser Protection

Who doesn’t want to feel their vehicle’s full potential from time to time? The left lane is calling, but don’t let a hefty speeding ticket ruin the experience. There are many options out there for radar and laser protection, but none come close to the performance and technology of Escort and K40. Our expert installers can seamlessly integrate these systems into your vehicle for a custom, personalized look and feel.

Brands we carry

Escort Radar | K40

Remote Starts/GPS Location/Security

It’s your vehicle, so why not have complete control over it? Whether it’s the ability to start your car remotely on a cold day, know exactly where your car is at all times or having the peace of mind knowing that your car is safe, After FX Customs offers many different solutions to personalize your vehicle to your wants and needs. Many of the systems we carry are compatible with Apple, Blackberry and Android smartphones, insuring that you are always in control of your vehicle no matter where you are.

Brands we carry

Mid City Engineering | Viper | Directed Electronics