Sinister Camaro

 The definition of Sinister is having an evil appearance, looking likely to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous to happen. 

The Sinister Camaro is a project we had the privilege to work on and help finish. The interior was a black canvas for us, we had to stay true to the Sinister Camaro’s already tough looking exterior appearance. You will notice right away just from looking at the exterior everything on the Sinister Camaro is matte and has a dark presence when you see it even in the pictures. We created a sheet metal door panel, custom handmade aluminium center console and much more. We accented the interior with a black leather and an alcantara suede to match the exterior of the Camaro. Make sure to check back in the photo gallery for the picture of the Camaro.

Sinister Camaro Sinister Camaro


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